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The area surrounding the villa is steeped in history and the closest city of Cassino is the historical capital of Southern Lazio. During Roman times and under the name Casinum, Cassino was a flourishing city with an amphitheatre, a theatre, baths, several temples and a 22km long aqueduct.

The Abbey of Montecassino was founded in the year 529 by Benedict of Norcia. This Abbey has a violent past having been completely destroyed four times and enduring several attacks. However each time it rises from its ruins and has developed into the stunning building we see today.
Italian Villa Rentals - The Abbey at Montecassino

The stunning Montecassino Abbey

Italian Villa Rentals - View of Vesuvius over ruins at Pompeii

View of Vesuvius over the ruins at Pompeii

Less than 75 miles to the south lies the ancient city of Pompei devastated by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD and was since rediscovered in 1599 by accident. These ruins have provided a unique insight into life in ancient Roman times. This area is extremely popular with tourists and is well worth a visit.
Rome is the capital city of Italy and with over 2.7 million residents it is the most populated.

Over the last two and half thousand years Rome has played an important part in the history of Italy. It was the capital of the ancient Roman empire and has been ruled by emperors and popes. In 2007 it was the 11th most visited city in the world and continues to be a popular destination today.

Rome is approximately 90 miles from the villa and so is a great destination for a day trip.
Italian Villa Rentals - Column of Marcus Aurelius

Column of Marcus Aurelius

Italian Villa Rentals - Santa Chiara church Naples

The large basilica of Santa Chiara dominates the skyline of old Naples

Naples is approximately 65 miles from Cassino and is the centre for art and culture. It is one of the worlds oldest cities and has seen the rise and fall of many civiliations, each one leaving their architectural mark on this ancient city. It was originally founded as a Greek colony in 9th-8th century BC and was key in the transmission of Greek culture into Roman civilisation.
Closer to the villa there is one of the biggest water parks in central Italy. The Haway Park (Hawaii Park) is located in the centre of Cassino and has 11 pools and a variety of water slides. In summer the park opens on June 12th 2011 and closes on September 4th 2011 and is a fun day out for all the family.
Italian Villa Rentals - Haway Park

The exciting Haway Park in Cassino

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